Amina Tyler Update

by lifeisurgent

Three weeks have passed since my first post about Amina Tyler’s unjust imprisonment in Tunisia. With great regret, I must report that the situation has escalated and Amina is in more danger than ever.

As reported on Femen’s official website, Tunisian officials have fabricated two more charges against Amina: insulting prison officials and slandering the Tunisian justice system. With these new charges, Amina now faces up to seven years in a Tunisian jail. A new hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, and I fear for her safety.

Please remember that Amina is not a criminal and has done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment. She is facing persecution for daring to stand up against a misogynist system, and it appears as though the leaders of free nations are turning a blind eye to her plight. Femen activists have been diligently trying to raise awareness for Amina, and Amnesty International, among other organizations, have called for her immediate release to no avail.

Please do not let Amina Tyler become a martyr. Show your political representatives that we care about Amina. Donate to Femen. Visit and add your name to this petition. Raise awareness in some other way. Do not let Amina slip through the cracks. Show the Salafists that we will not let women be persecuted! Show Tunisia that we are watching and we will not let Amina Tyler disappear without a fight!