Justice for Bei Bei!

by lifeisurgent

Bei Bei Shuai, like so many women, found herself in an impossible situation. Abandoned by the man she loved, depressed, she attempted suicide. Thankfully, a friend found her and her life was saved.

When Bei Bei attempted suicide, she was pregnant. When she was saved, she tried to save her baby’s life as well, but sadly, after a Cesarean and much treatment, the girl she named Angel died. Bei Bei was charged with murder and arrested.

After spending a year in jail, Bei Bei is out on bail, but her ordeal is far from over. Her trial is scheduled for next month, and she faces up to 65 YEARS in prison.

As stated on freebeibei.org.:

But this prosecution, while directed against Bei Bei, affects all women and the people who love them throughout the world. It could have the effect of making all pregnant women criminally liable for any actions they may or may not have taken during their pregnancy. As in Bei Bei’s case, this could extend to actions or inactions involving the mother’s mental health.

Please sign this petition to show your support. Bei Bei is NOT a murderer.

Bei Bei Shuai